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The $10 million donation that turned planet-loving customers into activists.


Patagonia continues to use its products, company values, and transparency to create compelling experiences that engage its environmentally-conscious customers.

In November of 2016, Patagonia pledged to donate 100% of its Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups dedicated to the protection of vital natural resources like water, air and soil. The apparel company racked in a total of $10 million in sales -- five times what it had expected, and following through on their commitment. 

"We're humbled to report the response was beyond expectations.... Patagonia reached a record-breaking $10 million in sales," the company said in a statement. "The enormous love our customers showed to the planet on Black Friday enables us to give every penny to hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations working around the world."

Patagonia's Black Friday donation is a compelling example of how customer engagement only begins at the sale of a product. Earning brand loyalty is not about telling customers what the company stands for, it's about proving it time and time again.  

Source: CNN Tech,  Fast Company