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The new context to “value.”

In retail, “value” used to be used only in the context of “good value for the money”, when a company priced a product at an amount you as the customer thought was fair (or a bargain). But in today’s competitive global marketplace, price is less and less a differentiating factor – so when today’s consumers say  "value,“ what exactly do they mean?

“One in three consumers explicitly included words and phrases like “valued,” “acknowledged,” “heard,” “appreciated,” and “respected” in describing how they want to be treated,” in a survey about the most important parts of a customer experience.”
- RetailDIVE

Your customers are begging for a fundamentally different relationship with you - one in which they feel valued as an individual, but also one in which they can provide something valuable to your brand. It’s an authentic human relationship, a two-way street that allows both sides to mutually exchange something of meaningful value… in this case, RetailDive saw that out of all of those surveyed who mentioned the word "value”, 4 out of 5 wanted to “make a difference.”

Most likely your company or brand has invested individuals like these who want to make a difference. Find them and listen to their stories and ideas. They will feel like you understand them like no other brand does, and your company will possibly be exposed to opportunities you would have never seen otherwise.

Source: RetailDive