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Harness the power of Lippincott’s Happiness Halo.

Research on happiness has shown that:

“Happiness is as much about how we look forward to and look back on an event as it is about the event itself.”
- FastCompany

But most customer experience efforts focus almost exclusively on the experience itself, putting little attention toward how to build anticipation or create a warm lasting impression.

The team at Lippincott coins this the Happiness Halo. Research has shown that the emotional components of experiences are a stronger indicator of success than the operational or functional. So whether it’s tempting your customers before an experience or delivering a delightful sendoff at the end, the key to long term loyalty is harnessing the power of the Happiness Halo before, after, and around your customer experiences.

“For business results, emotions matter. Truly delivering impact requires going deeper into human understanding, realizing that happiness is built not just in interactions, but also in anticipation and remembering. Expanding our conception of the “customer experience” opens up a whole new world of experience innovation possibilities: the joy of anticipation, the immersion of interaction, and the warmth of remembering. We’ll drive long-term loyalty and business growth, and all get a little happier as a result.”
- FastCompany

Source: FastCompany