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Stop creating louder ads and start building better brand experiences.

Though omnichannel is a centerpiece to many companies and brands experience (often as a way to push more 20% off coupons) Peter Sena II, the founder of Digital Surgeons, argues instead that brands should focus on building a stronger brand affinity through context-rich experiences. Lets make something more meaningful.

Consider Sena’s example:

“Imagine someone traveling from a work meeting to their hotel when it starts raining. We can know in real time the weather they’re experiencing, that they hailed a car on an app, that they’re checking their messages along the way, and that they’re in motion or that traffic is slow. [F]or example, a luxury retailer might invite this customer into their cafe to warm up and recharge their devices, where hopefully they’ll go on to shop and maybe buy a pricey umbrella or some gifts to take home… A generic 20 percent off coupon is a wasted opportunity with this
kind context.”

Though a coupon is a waste, a micro-moment designed around deeply granular awareness allows brands to build affinity. It connects with customer in an impressionable and meaningful way. These moments are what they remember, and tell their friends and family about at the end of the day.

Source: PSFK