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What does a reciprocal relationship with a brand look like?

Modern loyalty is not about buying their loyalty with coupons or points, but rather about finding out what they value most and creating experiences where you can deliver that to them.

“Value Them and They Will Value You. Promise. Money-Back Guarantee.”
- InMoment

Every company needs to research to find out what their particular customer’s value most. InMoment’s research shows that often being heard made customers feel valued by brands. In response, they offered up three strong ways to show customers that you’re listening to them:

1. Tell them what you’re going to do with their feedback

2. Show them you’re listening to their feedback in the most human, personal, and authentic way you can

3. Tell them when you act on their feedback and give them credit

Obviously not every piece of feedback will lead to a change, but by always following the first two tenets you as a company can fulfill their desire to help them express themselves and make a difference. This exchange of value (giving, listening, and executing on feedback) is almost equally important to this set of respondents as feeling like the product is a good value price-wise.

Source: 2015 Consumer Experience Trends Report