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Howard Shultz remains in touch with the pulse and tone of the people his empire serves and whom he works with.

Many of us have admittedly not picked up a mermaid emblazon cup in years. We can blame the hipster counter culture of boutique cafes, or intrigue in supporting local business - but one thing is certain - no matter the growth and far reaches of Starbucks, their commander and chief has always looked out for his people. That gleans a different level of respect and loyalty, particularly for an entity of that size. In a heartfelt letter to his partners, Shultz reiterated the core ideals of the brand, and how they will ring true regardless of the current state of the country it was founded in:

Starbucks has and will always stand for opportunity – opportunity for our young people who are working to land their first job in the 75 countries where we do business, opportunity for our farmers who care so deeply for the highest of quality coffee we offer to customers all around the globe, and yes, opportunity for those who come to America in search of their own fresh start – whether that is with Starbucks directly, or through our suppliers or our partner companies.
-  Howard Shultz

In every step of his career, he has supported his founding ideals whether it was returning to refocus customer-facing initiatives, becoming one of the first companies to provide health-care to all employees (even part-time), or reiterating and adding to all of these and more in a time of politically charged turmoil. Today is no different.

Source: Starbucks