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Apps, websites, and the like are simply a facade.

Yes, these are digital hubs, but in reality they are just a container. Digital interfaces are massive containers for content, and a means by which to create experiences. The Experience Center’s Sandbox highlights just this. Creating an amazing experience is not just about the visual facade, it’s the ideals of the brand behind it, the people, the reliability, the worker bees turning the cogs to move everything forward.

“Making an app or a website should be a pleasure to work with is a good starting point, but the app is not the total experience. Creating a great customer experience or a great employee experience means thinking beyond the app.”
-  David F. Carr

The complex organization behind the scenes make for cohesive and smooth user experiences up front. The interface facades must present elegantly and concise content to make engaging experiences worth returning to. Do not forget the complexity behind the scenes, but ensure you cut it out for consumers.

Source: Forbes