Free markets can succeed for all if business works with the people,
not just sells to them.

We are in a era of mistrust.  

Recessions, globalization, technology advancements have contributed to the mistrust between people and global institutions. 

"The growing storm of distrust is powerful and unpredictable. Trust in institutions has evaporated to such an extent that falsehood can be misconstrued as fact, strength as intelligence, and self-interest as social compact."

Now, more than ever, is an opportunity for businesses to act as the knight in shining amor for the skeptics of the world:

"The onus is now on business, the one institution that retains some trust with those skeptical about the system, to prove that it is possible to act in the interest of shareholders and society alike."

To earn the trust of skeptics, companies must prioritize customer advocacy over product profit. 

Source: Edelman