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Each interaction with your company is an opportunity to build true loyalty.

Half of all respondents of Accenture’s survey who had joined at least one loyalty program did so simply for the deals, coupons, or points. So when a new loyalty program with better deals shows up, they will happily jump the shark.

Accenture argues that loyalty programs like these aren’t truly earning or measuring customers’ loyalty to a company. Based on their research into what customers value, building a program that generates true loyalty requires:

1. Identifying what matters most to your customers

2. Delivering that value within every channel, touchpoint, and interaction throughout your experience

3. Refining and improving those satisfying experiences on an ongoing basis

As Accenture concludes:

“Satisfying experiences, delivered over time, are what build long-term relationships and drive profitable growth.”

Today’s customers are too savvy to be loyal to coupons and deals alone.

Source: Accenture