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The $10 million donation that turned planet-loving customers into activists.


This “party game for horrible people” is branching out beyond its satirical brand identity. Cards Against Humanity is planting its flag as a social advocate- and is proving it to its customers.

In November of 2017, the card game launched the Cards Against Humanity Saves America campaign as a way to encourage social change in a witty, sarcastic way. They asked consumers to donate $15 with the promise to help save America through six days of incredible surprises. Over 150,000 people signed up for the cause.

Last month, Cards Against Humanity revealed its six days of surprises, and its reaction from fans generated social media buzz:

Day 1: Cards Against Humanity Stops the Wall

“We purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time–consuming and expensive as possible for Trump to build his wall. We sent everyone an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, and a statement from our lawyers.”


Day 2: The Good News Podcast

“We launched The Good News Podcast, a daily reminder that not all news is bad.
We also sent you some cards and laptop stickers.”

Day 3: Cards Against Humanity Redistributes Your Wealth

“We took some of your money and redistributed it to people who need it more. We gave 10,000 people a $15 refund and 100 people a check for $1,000. We also threw in a few cards so you wouldn’t complain.”


Day 4: Cards Against Humanity Destroys Homework

“We sent out cards, thank you notes from children, a policy paper written by the Chicago Children’s Museum, and we’ve partnered with Donor’s Choose to support teachers who are creating alternatives to traditional homework...We’re matching your donations up to $100,000.”

Day 5: Cards Against Humanity’s Pulse of the Nation

“We used your money to run fourteen months of scientifically–rigorous monthly public opinion polls. We’ll ask the American people about important topics other polls are too afraid to cover. It’s called Cards Against Humanity’s Pulse of the Nation, and we’ll post our findings each month at Subscribers got some cards and a zine with the first few poll results.

Day 6: Cards Against Humanity Saves Baseball

“We purchased the naming rights to a minor league baseball stadium in Joliet, Illinois. Kindly remove your caps and stand for The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place, the new home of the Joliet Slammers! Subscribers got a blueprint of the stadium, a pack of baseball cards, and a ticket voucher.”


The campaign was successful beyond its initial objective of addressing controversial social issues. It was successful at using its platform to engage and empower its customers to become part of a collaborative and impactful movement- an added value that extends beyond a fun, party game experience.

Cards Against Humanity is a noteworthy example of Modern Loyalty by demonstrating the value of prioritizing people over product. With this mentality, brands like Cards Against Humanity will continue to attract new customers and generate a loyal following.

Source: Cards Against Humanity