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What is it? 

Famed New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde made a splash in 2014 by simply saying Thank You.

The young artist is internationally renowned for her music, but takes great pride in her roots, and made sure to let her country know she’ll never forget their ongoing support. She reserved a full page ad in the New Zealand Herald to write fans and supporters a handwritten note after being awarded two Grammy awards in Los Angeles. Accepting both her awards with an air of class, and genuine appreciation, the artist continued to emanate a sense of humble grace.

A glowing example of “marketing” being pure, honest and real.

How is she performing?

How did Lorde’s ratings and support grow after the note to home? It’s hard to know, but her down-to-earth appreciation for others was made clear again in March 2015 when she supported X Factor NZ contestant Joe Irvine after he received a hard-to-swallow criticism from fragile and self-serving judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon - who were later fired for their remarks.

Cupcakes and a handwritten note from a star you love? That heals all wounds.

Well played, Lorde.

Why does Green Stone like it?

It is in our core philosophy that both humans, and brands, grow relationships through shared experiences and unique interactions. In turn, the products and people we connect with have to leave an emotional impression through meaningful experiences.

In our time of keyboards and touchscreens, we seem to have fallen out of touch with one another. There is something timeless and incredibly personal about a handwritten note, be it a Thank You, Happy Birthday or Get Well Soon. Running on “likes” and the instantaneous and often evaporating messaging, taking time to write something heartfelt adds an entirely new level of emotion to reaching out.

When’s the last time you printed out and kept an IM? And how about a card?

What are the key take-aways?

1. The little things do matter.
Often it is the smallest details that leave a lasting emotional impression.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” 
- Oscar Wilde

2. Know how to detach sales when speaking as a brand.
It’s not all about the benjamins. Lorde didn’t reach out intending to persuade people to buy her album or tickets to a concert. She reached out as a person. A sweet, thoughtful and honest one, who just happens to be incredibly talented. Use brand voice to create human exchange. 

Source: AdWeekMTV